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San Jose Young Musicians Project


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Dear Teachers, Students, Parents, and Legal Guardians:

I have the distinct pleasure to announce the inauguration of the San Jose Young Musicians Project (SJYMP), an effort to provide youth with access to free/affordable private music lessons as well as an opportunity to engage students in their community. This year, the SJYMP will be offering private cello lessons to students ages 8-18.

As founding members of the SJYMP, students will not only receive individual instruction on the fundamentals of cello technique, but they will also serve a minimum of one hour of service to their community (the SJYMP, school orchestra room, neighborhood, church, etc) each week. The goal of this program is to heighten students’ sense of civic responsibility while rewarding their efforts with an opportunity for self-expression through music.

Furthermore, students will play a leading role in deciding the future of the SJYMP. They will have the opportunity to meet with one-another as a group to design and carry out fundraising events to benefit next year’s scholarships. At the end of the school year (May 2012, date and location TBA), each student will perform in the First Annual Cello Recital where all proceeds will go towards students’ scholarships.

To participate, students merely need to complete the application, which is available for download. Within this application is a Scholarship Form which MUST be completed in order to be considered for one of three full scholarships. Recipients of this scholarship will receive a years’ supply of free, one-hour private cello lessons. All other students who complete this application will be offered lessons at a 50% discounted rate. (See “Fees and Payment Plans” within the application.)

We recommend that parents and/or legal guardians fill out the application with their child. Applications are due by Monday, September 12th, 2011. Applications may either be scanned and emailed to or mailed to 2079 McLaughlin Ave. Apt 308 / San Jose, CA 95122.

Thank you for taking the time to engage in this opportunity for both your child and our community. We look forward to your response to this application!

Marylin Winkle
San Jose Young Musicians Project
Founder and Cello Teacher

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